Tenafly 5K Run


5K Run:

The 5K Run attracts more than 1000 runners and walkers of all ages and abilities. The race starts and finishes on Sunset Lane, by Tenafly Middle School, near the entrance to the track. The 5K Run begins at 9:00am sharp, with runners warming up near the starting line around 8:45am. We offer Elite Runners (expected sub-21 minute finish) the opportunity to start at the front of the pack. All runners and walkers with strollers begin behind the runners. For everyone’s safety, and as a courtesy to faster runners, slower runners and all walkers are asked to start towards the back of the pack. Parents are asked to keep their children away from the front of the pack to avoid injury.


The 5K Run uses Chrono-Track B-Tag electronic timing. All participants must wear a race-provided bib number on the front of their shirt. Consistent with USATF rules, awards are determined by clock time only.

5K Course:

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The 5K is run on a USATF-certified course through mostly residential streets of Tenafly. There is an uphill midway through the race (Norman Place) and another short uphill around the 2.5 mile mark (Virginia Street), with a downhill in the last half mile, as runners return down Hickory Avenue to the finish line.

The course has water stations at each kilometer and clocks at each mile. For the safety of our runners and walkers, volunteers and local police are present along the route to guide runners and control traffic.

Our current course records are 15:05 for males (Rob Albano, 2016) and 17:11 for females (Josette Norris, 2016).


Awards are given to the top finishers in the following categories, Male and Female:

  • Top 3 Overall
  • Top Tenafly Resident
  • Top 3 Age Group Finishers:
    • 19-24
    • 25-29
    • 30-39
    • 40-49
    • 50-59
    • 60-69
    • 70+
  • Top 3 finishers in each Tenafly grade (K-12)*
  • Top 3 Youth finishers:
    • 9 & Under
    • 10-13
    • 14-18
  • Top 3 Tenafly Public School Staff
  • Top 3 Stroller Trot runners

*Tenafly grade awards are for all Tenafly residents and all students who attend any public or private school in Tenafly. Tenafly students are not eligible for age-based awards.

Runners receive the highest award for which they are eligible only; no multiple awards are given.

Awards are determined by clock time only.

5K Dog Walk:

The 5K Dog Walk starts at 9:05am, after the 5K Run runners are on their way, and follows the same course as the 5K Run. The course’s 5 water stations provide water for both humans and dogs.

All dogs must be on a leash at all times while on the course and on school property. For everyone’s safety, extended and hands-free leashes are STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Dog owners must clean up after their dogs.


All participants in the 5K Dog Walk are provided specially designated bib numbers with Chrono-Track B-tag electronic timing. Dog Walk participants who begin the race prior to the Dog Walk’s official start will be disqualified. Awards are determined by clock time only.

5K Dog Walk course:

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Awards are given to the top 3 finishers, male and female. Dog Walk participants must begin the race with the official Dog Walk start.

Dog Parade presented by Tenafly Veterinary Center

The Dog Parade is a fun interactive course which lets our furry friends show off their best stuff! Starting at 10:00am on the large field behind the gym of the Middle School, the course consists of several obstacles and judging stations. We have water – and treats! – for all dogs.


Trophies are awarded for our top performers in each of the following categories:

  • Best Hair and Nails
  • Best Trick for a Biscuit
  • Best Dog-Human Look-Alikes
  • Best Dog-Human Dance Contest
  • Doggie Idol

All dogs receive a medal for participating. For everyone’s safety, dogs must be kept on a leash at all times while on school property. Extended or hands-free leashes are STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Please clean up after your dog!

Tiger Cub Races:

The Tiger Cub Races, for children up to 6-years old, take place at 10:00am on the football field inside the track. Distances vary by age:

  • Under 4-years-old – 25 yards
  • 4-year-olds – 50 yards
  • 5-year-olds – 75 yards
  • 6-year-olds – 100 yards

All participants receive a medal.

JCC 1-Mile Fun Run:

The 1-Mile Fun Run is open to runners of all ages and abilities. The untimed run begins at 10:30am outside the gym at the Tenafly Middle School and is led by the Tenafly High School Track Team. Registered runners for the 5K Run or 5K Dog Walk can participate in the Fun Run for free!

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All registered runners receive a T-shirt, a reusable tote bag and other free giveaways (while supplies last).

A courtesy bag check is available in the Information Tent in the Registration Area (Tenafly Middle School cafeteria).

Family Health & Fitness Fair:

The Family Health & Fitness Fair takes place all morning in and around the Tenafly Middle School gym, featuring the opportunity to meet all of our generous sponsors, as well as complimentary food and water. To register as a sponsor, click here.